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General Information

Currently, BRO is only available in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Here you can reserve your BRO. Once you have made your reservation, one of our certified Scewo partners will provide you with information about BRO, offer you test rides, help you with the paperwork required by insurance companies and ensure that you receive the best possible service once you are on the road with BRO. Find your nearest partner here.

The expansion to other countries will proceed step by step. Register your interest in BRO here if you do not live in Switzerland, Germany, or Austria. That way you secure yourself the next spot on the waiting list of your home country. As soon as we are ready to start operations in your home country, we will contact you. You can then decide if you want to reserve BRO definitely.

In general, we follow the principle «first come – first serve»: the sooner you reserve BRO, the sooner you will receive it.

Not yet. We want to provide you with competent consultation and perfect service in your area. That’s why we only deliver our wheelchairs to countries where we already have partnerships with medical supply stores or can ensure the service by ourselves. The partner in your area can be found here.

BRO is basically suitable for all persons who are both cognitively and physically able to control a power wheelchair by hand. BRO keeps its balance independently while driving. This means that no strong torso stability is required. The maximum allowed body weight is 120 kg (265lbs).

Today, amongst our BRO Crew members we count people with paraplegia and muscular diseases.

Today there is no possibility to rent or lend BRO. However, we are working on a concept and would be happy if you contact us personally via mail or phone to discuss the options.

We are sorry to say that – but the answer is no.

BRO must be adjusted to your individual needs and must be returned to us or to a Scewo partner for annual maintenance after delivery. Furthermore, we can only ensure excellent service and repairs in countries where we have certified partners. We would like to spare you all those long transports and are looking forward to welcoming you to the BRO crew as soon as we have a partner in your home country. Please register here to join the waiting list of your home country. As soon as we have a partnership in your home country, we will inform you. You can then reserve BRO definitely.

We strive to resolve any necessary maintenance or problems as quickly and to make service access as easy as possible. Therefore, you can count on us and the certified Scewo partners. As competent partners, we can respond promptly.

Maintenance is carried out at our premises in Winterthur (CH) or at the Scewo partner. In Switzerland, we are also happy to visit you at your home or workplace for a charge.

Product Information

All technical specifications of the wheelchair BRO can be found here in our brochure in the chapter «Technical Specifications».

All technical specifications of the wheelchair BRO can be found here in our brochure in the chapter «Technical Specifications».

Let us test that! It is difficult to make a general statement. That’s why it is easiest if we try it out 😊 . Sign up here for a test drive with BRO, give us a call or send us an email to make an appointment.

BRO is suitable for straight stairs. It is not possible to climb spiral stairs.

If your stairs are connected with plateaus in between, you can turn on the plateaus easily and continue climbing the stairs. The required minimum size for the plateau can be found here in the chapter «Technical Specifications» of the brochure.

Interested to know if BRO can drive the stairs of your choice? Feel free to send us photos via email. This way we can give you the first estimation. Otherwise, we can test it on site. Please register here for a test drive.

BRO must not be used as a driver’s seat. By law, this requires a certain mechanism, which we can not offer you for the time being.

If you are a passenger, you may remain seated in BRO as long as you secure it with a certified strap with a minimum load capacity.

Otherwise, you must transport BRO as baggage and secure it. For the journey, you have to transfer to a car seat.

Further information can be found in the user manual (German only).

Order process

Reserving a BRO today means that you will probably receive it by the end of 2021. There is a reason for that: The first BRO riders are already on the road with our power wheelchair and share their experiences with us on a regular basis. We directly integrate the feedback from the wheelchair users into further development, so that we can deliver an even better BRO to you. This takes some time 😊.

If you only register your interest in BRO because BRO is not available in your home country yet, no reservation fee will be charged.

If you reserve your BRO at one of our certified Scewo partners, no reservation fees will be charged as well. Your nearest partner can be found here. We are continuously expanding our partner network.

If we do not have a partner in your area yet, we will process your reservation ourselves. There is a reservation fee of CHF 1000, which you can easily pay by bank transfer or payment slip. You will receive the exact details when the reservation has been confirmed by us. Your reservation fee will of course be deducted from the total amount. Detailed information about the reservation fee can be found here (German only).

First of all, welcome to the BRO Crew – the club of BRO riders!

Now there are some clarifications that need to be made. Together we figure out what color your BRO should have, what options you want to add, what paperwork the insurance companies need from you, etc. – but do not worry, we will not leave you alone with that 😊.

Once the offer is right for you, we provide you with the purchase contract. After your signature, your BRO goes into production. As soon as the delivery date is known, we will inform you. Upon delivery, we or a Scewo partner will train you in how to handle BRO and give you tips & tricks along the way. Then, you are ready to start your new everyday life with BRO. 🚀

By the way, you can still cancel your reservation up to three months before production and receive a refund of the reservation fee (if any was due).


Depending on the selected options, Scewo BRO is available from CHF 36000 excluding VAT, transport, and customs costs. This price is comparable to the purchase of a similar power wheelchair and an additional stair climbing device.

BRO is considered a fully functional power wheelchair. Accordingly, you can get it financed through insurance or privately.

This varies from person to person. The Swiss insurances (IV + UV) contribute to the costs of your BRO depending on your degree of disability.

BRO is considered by the IV as a power wheelchair as well as a “stair climber”. If you are entitled to get a power wheelchair, the IV will pay you the share of the costs that correspond to your degree of disability. If you are also entitled to a stair-climbing aid according to KHMI (chapter 14.05 or chapter 13.05), the IV will pay you an additional amount of at least CHF 8000. Currently, the IV handles requests submitted as individual cases.

Detailed information about the process and the procedure with the disability or accident insurance can be found here (German only).

Currently, the insurance companies handle requests for BRO on a decision-by-case basis. Since our wheelchair has a unique selling proposition, the insurances check whether the costs are covered even without an existing medical device number. However, we are striving to receive an aid number for BRO. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get informed as soon as we have news about the medical device number.

According to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA), all «disability-related costs» that you have assumed yourself are deductible. Detailed information can be found here (German only).